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LED Drivers

Lutron Electronics (Coopersburg, PA) recently launched the EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers with models available for LED troffers and linear lighting up to 75W and downlights up to 40W. The EcoSystem H-Series LED Drivers are well-suited to most government work spaces – from offices, conference rooms, auditoriums and classrooms to dining facilities and quarters.

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Electropolishing for Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Manufacturing components for the hydraulic and pneumatic industries often involve creating the ideal surface finish: neither too rough nor too smooth. When it comes to surface finish, electropolishing can help manufacturers walk that fine line and achieve the ultimate in function.

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MC Works64 - 64-bit advanced SCADA featuring 3D Graphics

MC Works64 is an integral software providing a variety of functions and refined user interfaces suitable for social infrastructure fields. Apply this software to comprehend the plant operation state and monitor plant-wide operation to support efficient plant operations. VIEW CATALOG HERE

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Is long-term Mars living possible?

This week's Question: A recent study created by the Arizona-based Paragon Space Development Corporation says its life support system could help humans survive on Mars. The proposed Environmental Control and Life Support System, the company says, could extract water from Mars’ rocky material and convert some of the water to breathable oxygen. The habitat would be built by autonomous rovers. The study was commissioned by Mars One, a Dutch company that proposes to send colonists on a one-way trip to Mars. What do you think? Is long-term Mars living possible?

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Simulations Reveal Near-Frictionless Material

Scientists from Argonne National Laboratory used simulations to identify and improve a new mechanism for reducing friction. The resulting hybrid material exhibited superlubricity at the macroscale.

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NASA System Would Enable Unmanned Aircraft to Fly in US Airspace

NASA, working with government and industry partners, is testing a system that would make it possible for unmanned aircraft to fly routine operations in United States airspace. The tests engage the core air traffic infrastructure and supporting software components through a live and virtual environment to demonstrate how an autonomous aircraft interacts with air traffic controllers and other air traffic.

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Jet Contrails Affect Ground Temperatures and Climate

High in the sky where the cirrus ice crystal clouds form, jet contrails draw their crisscross patterns. Now researchers have found that these elevated ice cloud trails can influence temperatures on the ground and affect local climate.

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