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Applying the Dynamic Inertia Measurement Method to Full-Scale Aerospace Vehicles
Method and Apparatus for Measuring Surface Air Pressure
Fully Premixed, Low-Emission, High-Pressure, Multi-Fuel Burner
Self-Healing Wire Insulation
Thermomechanical Methodology for Stabilizing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Response
Space Optical Communications Using Laser Beams
High Field Superconducting Magnets

2016 CAE Webinar Series

Get the latest application performance details and learn about best practices in HPC and CAE in this series of webinars hosted by Cray. You’ll hear from experts at leading software companies like MSC Software, Intelligent Light, and Livermore Software Technology Corp. (LSTC), plus LSTC customer Rolls Royce. Expert speakers will highlight recent results for some of the most widely used CAE applications, with topics including application scalability, HPC I/O, and data and visualization.

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Can AI be used to make a good movie?

This week's Question: In early September, Concourse Media and Productivity Media, Inc. (PMI) announced the acquisition of Impossible Things, a feature-length film with a screenplay written via artificial intelligence. Greenlight Essentials, a company founded by Jack Zhang, uses AI software to create plot frameworks for target markets within the entertainment sector. What do you think?

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Laser Treatment Supports New Paper Electronics

By using lasers to treat graphene, Iowa State University researchers have found new ways to enable flexible, wearable, and low-cost electronics. Fabricating inkjet-printed, multi-layer graphene electric circuits and electrodes with a pulsed-laser process improves electrical conductivity without damaging paper, polymers, or other fragile printing surfaces.

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Introduction to Machine Vision Inspection

Product inspection with machine vision is vastly superior to manual inspection or using photoelectric sensors. With some basic knowledge and tools you can create a reliable, repeatable inspection process that will make your production line safer and more efficient. Download the whitepaper to learn how to dramatically improve production performance with easy-to-apply inspection applications.

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CNC Guide: Best Design Practices for Custom Machined Parts

CNC machining is one of the fastest way to build functional prototypes, product molds, low to high volume production runs, and fixtures.

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10-Minute Tech Talk: Advanced Circuit Protection Solutions

As integrated circuits become smaller in size, they also become more susceptible to ESD, and the decreasing size and increasing frequency can increase emissions. Learn how ZnO Varistors, TVS Diodes and ESD Safe Capacitors can protect your new design.

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Standing Still May Improve Antennas That Scan in All Directions

Amin Momeni illuminates the antenna-testing chamber while Nader Behdad installs a phased-array antenna. The flat surface consists of multiple precisely-positioned elements that convert spherical radio signals into single-column beams. (Photo: Stephanie Precourt) Antennas often need to trace circles in the sky. For example, radar arrays atop air-traffic control towers rotate to sweep signals in all directions. But spinning large objects nonstop takes a lot of time and mechanical energy. So scanning from a stationary position could speed up long-range detection and communications. Now, with support from a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Office of Naval Research, University of Wisconsin–Madison electrical engineers are working out a new strategy to create antennas that spin their beams in circles while the devices stand still. 

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