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Robotic System Builds Biggest Composite Rocket Parts Ever Made

One of the largest composites manufacturing robots created in America will help NASA build the biggest lightweight composite parts ever made for space vehicles. The robot will build structures larger than 26 feet in diameter. The robot travelled across the country from Electroimpact, Inc. in Mukilteo, WA. Electroimpact engineers worked with NASA Marshall engineers to customize the robot and supporting software for building large space structures.

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Researchers Help NASA Eliminate Vibration in Space System Joints

Researchers at the University of Georgia are helping NASA determine if a key rocket component can withstand the rigors of the next generation of spaceflight. The bellows expansion joints serve several functions in rocket propulsion systems, perhaps most critically as connectors between fuel and oxidizer lines and the rocket's engines. NASA wants to make sure a flow-induced vibration phenomenon in the joints doesn't pose a risk for its new Space Launch System.

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Gear Shift Modeling and Analysis for Automatic Transmissions in MapleSim

In this paper, a simple dynamic physical model of an automatic transmission was created to evaluate all required forces and motion characteristics of the system during the shift process. Gear shift quality was assessed by setting different timing sequences for the engage/disengage process of the frictional components (pressure on the clutches), during the upshift process. The output torque of the transmission was analyzed under two conditions, with the timing to apply/remove pressure from the clutches being different in both cases.

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Development of Real-Time Battery Models for HIL testing of Battery Management Systems

The explosion in the use of electronic devices, electrified vehicles and decentralized power utilities has driven demand for rechargeable batteries. This has led to a significant increase in research investment into battery technologies to address challenges including thermal stability and battery life extension. This whitepaper outlines how such challenges can be overcome in the development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing system for the Battery Management Systems (BMS) used in electrical energy storage products.

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The Changing Face of Robotics

Around the world, customers in a diverse range of industries and technical disciplines are using Maplesoft solutions to rapidly accelerate their design projects, as they develop the next generation of products that shape the changing face of robotics:

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Are Internet-connected cars worth the risk?

This week's Question: Last week, researchers from the University of California - San Diego discovered a vulnerability that allowed a 2013 Corvette to be hacked. The security flaw was found in dashboard hardware commonly used by insurance firms and transportation companies to monitor location, speed, and efficiency. By sending carefully crafted SMS messages, the hackers were able to control the vehicle's driving components, including its wipers, locks, and even brakes (when driving at slow speeds). The Corvette hack is one of a recent string of vulnerabilities found in vehicles, including cars from automakers like Tesla, GM, and Jeep. What do you think? Are Internet-connected cars worth the risk?  

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Benefits of Low-Volume Production

Learn how to decrease your time to market as well as reducing risk and cost associated with injection molding. Although low-volume production is typically used at the beginning of the product life cycle, it can also be useful at the end of a products life. In this presentation you will not only learn about plastic injection molding but also liquid silicone rubber, metal and magnesium injection molding. Learn the ins and outs of low volume production and how it can benefit you and your product.

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