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Computer Chips Calculate and Store in an Integrated Unit
Electron-to-Photon Communication for Quantum Computing

Source Code Analysis Tool

AdaCore (New York, NY) has released CodePeer, a source code analysis tool that detects run-time and logic errors in Ada programs. Serving as an efficient code reviewer, CodePeer identifies constructs that are likelyto lead to run-time errors such as buffer overflows, and it flags legal but suspect code typical of logic errors. CodePeer also produces a detailed analysis of each subprogram, including pre- and postconditions, making it easier to find potential bugs and vulnerabilities early. If the implicit specification deduced by CodePeer does not match the component’s requirements, a reviewer is alerted immediately to a likely logic error.

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Fanless Industrial Panel PC

The IPPC-8151S from Advantech (Cincinnati, OH) is a 15" XGA TFT LCD fanless industrial panel PC that featuresan Intel Celeron®M 1GHz CPU. It includes a tapered and food-safe rubber seal between the bezel and the chemical-resistant touch screen, and an optional fully sealed 316L stainless steel enclosure to satisfy the standards required in food processing, clinical, chemical, or pharmaceutical applications. For waterproof and dust-proof protection, the standard model supports IP66 grade protection on the front panel only, while an optional stainless steel enclosure kit and IP66 I/O module are available to support a fully enclosed IP66 protection for all sides, including I/O ports. The system includes a 1MB L2 cache, 1GB DDR2 memory, a CompactFlash slot, one PCI expansion, and one SATA HDD.

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Hybrid Energy System

The 5 kW Genverter diesel generator/inverter from WhisperPower (Drachten, The Netherlands) has lower noise levels, fewer emissions, and reduced energy consumption compared to currently available energy systems. The diesel generator only runs when a certain amount of energy is required.

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Thin Film Absorbers for Solar Cells

Oregon State University researchers have made an important breakthrough in the use of continuous flow microreactors to produce thin film absorbers for solar cells - an innovative technology that could significantly reduce the cost of solar energy devices and reduce material waste.

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Should broadband providers be required to provide network neutrality?

This week's question concerns "net neutrality" -- providing equal treatment to all Internet traffic flowing over networks. Supporters of net neutrality argue that a policy is necessary to prevent providers from favoring or discriminating against certain Web sites and online services; however, broadband providers contend that they should be able to sell premium services and manage their systems to prevent certain applications from sucking up capacity.

What do you think? Should broadband providers be required to provide network neutrality?

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Paving the Way for Electromobility

Fraunhofer researchers are engineering wheel hub motors, which are integrated into a car's wheels, and could become the accepted drive concept for electric vehicles. The scientists are testing these and several other components on the "Frecc0," their demonstration vehicle.

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LED Power Supply With Dimming Control

New from Power Partners (Hudson, MA) is the PIL40U-C LED power supply, which provides 40W in a compact, IP66 wateproof case. Highly efficient (up to 88%) and with a high power factor rating (0.99 at 110VAC), the supply also includes comprehensive overvoltage, overload, lightning, and short circuit protection.

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Electrical Current Stemming From Algae

Stanford scientists have harnessed a tiny electrical current from algae cells. They found it at the very source of energy production – photosynthesis - and it may be the first step toward generating high-efficiency bioelectricity that doesn't give off carbon dioxide as a byproduct.

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Should human genes be patentable?

This week's question concerns the issue of gene patents. While some in the scientific community believe that human genes should not be exploited for commercial gain, others argue that a patent is a reward for years of expensive research that moves science forward.

What do you think? Should human genes be patentable?

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Moving Toward a Carbon-based Solar Cell

To make large sheets of carbon available for light collection, Indiana University Bloomington chemists have attached what amounts to a 3D bramble patch to each side of the carbon sheet. The scientists say they were able to dissolve sheets containing as many as 168 carbon atoms, which is a first.

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