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Supercomputer Cooling System Uses Refrigerant to Replace Water
Computer Chips Calculate and Store in an Integrated Unit
Electron-to-Photon Communication for Quantum Computing
Mechanoresponsive Healing Polymers
Variable Permeability Magnetometer Systems and Methods for Aerospace Applications
Evaluation Standard for Robotic Research
Small Robot Has Outstanding Vertical Agility
Smart Optical Material Characterization System and Method
Lightweight, Flexible Thermal Protection System for Fire Protection

3-Watt RGB LEDs

Lumex (Palatine, IL) has introduced the 3-Watt TitanBrite™ RGB, a square-shaped LED with dimensions of 10mm x 10mm. It can result in 30% cost savings as well as a 70% real estate savings compared to the use of individual red, green, and blue packages. Applications include electronic signage, industrial controls, safety/security lighting, and graphic backlighting. They are RoHS-compliant and contain three individual 1-Watt dies in red (636nm), green (525nm), and blue (470nm).

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Transforming Design

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Engineers Concerned About Algae-Based Biofuel

DOE recently announced that it is awarding $78 million in stimulus money for research and development of algae-based biofuel. Yet researchers from the University of Virginia have found there are significant environmental hurdles to overcome, and propose using wastewater as a solution to some of these challenges.

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Study on Superconducting Hydrogen Offers Promise in Field

Researchers from Carnegie Institute for Science have modeled three hydrogen-dense metal alloys and found there are pressure and temperature trends associated with the superconducting state — a big boost in the understanding of how the material could be harnessed.

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Will 3D be the next major TV trend?

This week’s question concerns 3D TV. The recent success of 3D movies such as Avatar has added to an already-growing interest in 3D television and content. TV makers such as Sony, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, and Panasonic showed 3D ready televisions at the recent Consumer Electronics Show and expect to begin shipping units later this year. But numerous obstacles remain, including high cost, standardization of 3D signal and interface formats, content availability, and the inconvenience of wearing special glasses to view programs. What do you think? Will 3D be the next major TV trend? Yes or no?

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Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System

A low-cost wildfire detection and monitoring system using mobile communications technology is being developed by researchers at University of Adelaide's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Paper Strips Detect Toxin in Water

Engineers at the University of Michigan led the development of a new biosensor - a strip of paper infused with carbon nanotubes - that can quickly and inexpensively detect a toxin produced by algae in drinking water.

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