The BB-100 Bio-Burner.
Last Thursday, I left New York for DC to check out the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) held at the Washington Convention Center. Though my Amtrak train was a little slow in getting there, the show flew by in a flash.

I was hoping to leave the train delays of New York's subways behind, but the December cold seems intent on affecting all rails. Once in DC, I snagged a taxi (not the most environmentally friendly choice, but I was late!) and arrived at the expo. Composed of seven rows of exhibitors, the show was a pleasantly manageable size. I held off on looking at LED companies at first, figuring this would take up the majority of my time, and checked out what was going on in other areas.

One of the first displays I spotted was LEI Products' BB-100 Bio-Burner. I liked this technology because the fuels that can be burned are not just the usual biomass like wood and corn. An owner can also use locally available, inexpensive fuels normally considered "waste" - like tree trimmings and contaminated animal feed. I was given a short demonstration of the BioBurner; local biomass is deposited in the white container, and a rotating floor design eliminates bridging issues that occur in other feed systems. I looked closely and detected only the slightest movement going on underneath the biomass. A unique combustion technology and cyclone ash collection system eliminate smoke and spark issues.

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