Why All The Talk About High-Power LED Technology?

It is in the headlines worldwide. Cities, states, and countries around the globe are transitioning away from traditional lighting and towards newer technologies such as high-power LEDs for traffic, street, and other public lighting applications.

For example, the EU member nations - Japan, Australia, Brazil, and Canada -- will be enforcing bans on incandescent bulbs by 2012. Design engineers in medical device, sign, consumer electronic, appliance, decorative, security, and other lighting applications are also increasingly integrating high-power (1-watt capacity or higher) LEDs in the development of new products.

What is it about high-power LEDs that is creating such a buzz? Why is the LED market forecast to see significant growth in 2010 despite the challenging economy? The answer is two-fold; today’s high-power LEDs provide enhanced efficiency and better light.

Enhanced Efficiency

High-power LEDs are extremely energy efficient and provide excellent lumens per watt performance compared to alternative technologies. For example, a standard high-power LED can offer 80 lumens per Watt compared to 70 lumens per Watt for CFL (compact florescent lights) and just 15 lumens per Watt for incandescent lights.