Low Loss, Single-mode, Hollow-core Optical Fibers


Hollow-core fibers are a revolutionary break-through in optical transmission – they allow for light guiding in air over long distances, with potential for ultra-low loss, as well as low nonlinearity. However, hollow core fibers suffer from a trade-off: lowering the loss of the fibers also means that they support higher-order mode propagation, which can impair their use in potential applications such as data communications and high-power pulse delivery and compression.

In this talk, we present a new type of hollow-core fiber showing, for the first time, hollow-core fibers that can beat this trade-off, and using the Perturbed Resonance for Improved Single-Modedness, or PRISM, effect we demonstrate low-loss, effectively single mode, hollow core fibers.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Nicholson
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
OFS Laboratories

View the Tech Talk here.