Design Integration of Advanced Lightweight Composite Materials and the Challenges of Multifunctionality


The aerospace and defense and automotive industries are leaders in the adoption of advanced materials. Driven by the need to improve energy efficiency and increase performance without compromising safety, aircraft and advanced automobiles are leveraging the properties of composite materials to provide strength while reducing weight. However, the complexity of the materials, their design and manufacture are challenging traditional design workflows. An efficient method for simulating the performance of composite materials is therefore required. As more demands are placed on these materials, for example thermal and electrical performance, durability and stealth, not only is an efficient simulation environment required, the tools used must be able to capture these multiphysics effects to understand the multifunctional performance of the material. In this webinar, ANSYS will discuss the role of simulation based engineering for the efficient simulation of composites and the emerging challenges of multifunctionality. Dr. Perterer will describe how the ANSYS simulation tool set for composite materials enabled the design team to reduce the weight of the KTM X-Bow sports car monocoque by 20%.


Dr. Martin Perterer, Head of Research and Simulation, KTM Technologies

Dr. Martin Perterer, Head of Research and Simulation, KTM Technologies, As head of research at simulation at KTM Technologies, Dr. Perterer leads research and development of automotive, and sports and recreation vehicle projects, as well as projects in other industries. Dr. Perterer received a degree in aerospace from the Technical University Munich, where he was also a research associate and received his PhD at the Institute of Lightweight Structures.

Dr. Robert Harwood, Aerospace and Defense Industry Director, ANSYS, Inc.

Dr. Robert Harwood, Aerospace and Defense Industry Director, ANSYS, Inc. Rob obtained his engineering PhD in 1998 from the University of Sheffield, one of the top five engineering schools in the UK. During and since that time Rob has focused on the industrial use of physics based simulation in a broad range of sectors including Environmental Engineering, Healthcare, Chemical Process, Energy, Aerospace and Defense. Rob has been with ANSYS for 12 years and has focused on the Aerospace and Defense sector since 2006.

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