New Developments in Conformal Coatings Enhance Device Performance


Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 • 2:00 PM Eastern StandardTime

With decades of acceptance as a conformal coating, Parylene has been applied to a host of devices and components in the medical device, electronics, defense and automotive industries. Advances in adhesion technology and antimicrobial properties have resulted in new applications that are now enjoying the unique and desirable benefits offered by Parylene.

The Webinar will also discuss recent advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding to previously difficult-to-coat surfaces, including highly polished metal surfaces and a wide variety of polymers.

Finally, a new offering, SCS microRESIST™, will be discussed. Detailed test results demonstrate greater than 5 Log reduction of harmful microorganisms on medical devices, allowing it to help users meet the pressing need to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).


Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Vice President of Technology
Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.




Dick Molin
Sr. Medical Market Specialist
Specialty Coating Systems

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