Scripted Analysis of Charged Particle Beams Passing through Electromagnetic Fields


When a charged particle beam passes through electromagnetic fields in a device, the size and shape of the beam vary at any given distance along the beam axis.

This Webinar will discuss scripted analysis of fields and particle beams with LORENTZ, the CAE particle trajectory analysis program from INTEGRATED Engineering Software using a magnetic quadrupole model.

Among the points that will be covered are:

  • A key feature that characterizes the beam envelope is the spot size, (defined as the smallest diameter of a circle that covers the beam).
  • How to script within an Application Programming Interface (API) as a fast and efficient way to vary the quadrupole excitation level and study the spot size at any distance along the beam axis.
  • The spacing of the magnets, charged particle type and energy, emitter shape and size also can be varied to assist the design.


Dr. Kanfei Gan
Testing and Benchmarking Specialist
Integrated Engineering Software

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