3D Printing for Machine Design


Metals and plastics have long been used for machine parts. Their durability, strength, and reliability in machines that operate continuously for millions of cycles make them the standard in automated machinery. However, for these same reasons, the use of 3D printed parts has been questioned and not widely adopted by manufacturers. This view should be reconsidered as 3D printed components offer a lower cost means to produce prototype components and end use components for machinery.

Worxsimple is using dozens of 3D printed parts in their automated machines. Part types include brackets, guards, and other custom parts that cannot be machined using traditional methods. In addition, the use of 3D printed parts allows for rapid part evolution; which improves not only machine designs, but profit margins as well.

This presentation will discuss how to move beyond using 3D printers for only prototyping needs in the design of automated machinery and toward broader applications of using 3D printed parts in machine design and manufacture of final machine components.


David S. Baker
Worxsimple, LLC

Bruce Bradshaw
Director of Marketing North America

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