The Stealth E-Bike: Challenges in Developing the First Fully Integrated Drive System for E-Bikes


Developing an E-Bike that looks and drives like a conventional bike raises significant engineering challenges. Yet this is what the team at FAZUA has achieved with their proof-of-concept bike, using electrical assistance from their evation drive system. The drive system, containing all engine components like engine, electronics and battery, is placed in the downtube of a bike and can be removed by just one click at any time. Within seconds, an e-bike is converted into a lightweight bike as a bezel is put at its place. The next generation prototype, which will attain a pre-series status, is currently in development with the aid of CAD construction and simulation software.

In this Webinar, FAZUA will discuss the process of the company, from a student project team to an engineering company, as well as illustrate the challenges in CAD construction, when setting the goal: function follows form.


Johannes Biechele
CTO, Automotive Engineer

Marcus Schlüter

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