The ANCER™ for Corrosion/Erosion Protection on Copper Micro Channel Coolers


Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) has developed a vapor deposited ANCER™ (Applied Nanoscale Corrosion Erosion Resistant) coating which has shown to provide superior protection of copper Micro Channel Coolers (MCCs) from catastrophic erosion/corrosion failure while cooling laser diodes. In this webinar, you will learn how corrosion and erosion effects can seriously impact MCC performance. You’ll learn how the thin, conformal ANCER™ coating offers a cost effective solution to extend the life of the copper microchannel coolers, even under relaxed DI water operating parameters. You will also see how the coating may be extended to provide corrosion resistance in other materials, such as aluminum. The webinar will be of value to thermal and mechanical engineers who are facing thermal and corrosion life challenges of their products.

For more information on ANCER™ coatings, visit http://www.1-act.com/ancer/


Pete Ritt
Vice President, Technical Services
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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