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3D printing in the product development process is becoming increasingly important with the increase in the pace of the construction industry. Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) has embraced this into its work process. Equipped with a Stratasys Eden 260V, Volvo CE has the ability to create engine component prototypes that are mounted directly on the engine and then tested. Volvo CE also quickly builds 3D models of its new product concepts for stakeholders to get timely feedback, reducing risk and lead time in all development stages. This advantage gives Volvo CE the ability to make better project decisions throughout the development and production cycles.

What you can expect from this webinar:

  1. Learn how 3D printing is an effective tool in Volvo CE’s daily design work.
  2. See specific industry examples on how 3D printing is used in the workplace.
  3. Discover PolyJet capabilities and limitations.


Tony den Hoed, Lead Engineer, Volvo Construction Equipment

Matthew Wahler, Design Engineer, Volvo Construction Equipment


Lisa Arrigo, SAE International

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