If you're an astronaut, the last thing you need jarring you awake first thing in the morning out in space is a beeping alarm clock. So, since the Apollo days, NASA has chosen to get its astronauts moving with a wakeup song. Now NASA is giving you two chances to help select wakeup songs that will be played during the final missions of the Space Shuttle Program. The NASA's Space Rock Web site gives you the chance to decide if the astronauts wake to Ozzy Osbourne or the theme from "Star Trek".

You can listen to and vote on your favorite song from 40 previously played wakeup songs, or you can write your own song. The top two songs chosen from the list of previously played songs will be played during the STS-133 mission, scheduled for launch on November 1. Original songs will be screened by a NASA panel, and the winners will be played during the STS-134 mission, scheduled for launch on February 26, 2011. Original song submissions are due by January 10, 2011, and the top entries will be posted for a public vote beginning February 8.

So whether you think the astronauts will prefer classical, pop, rock, or your own mix, cast your vote at NASA's Space Rock.

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