Defense Tech Briefs (DTB) provides engineers with a one-stop source for the latest advances and tech transfer opportunities from Defense Department R&D programs. Commercially promising inventions resulting from this work are reported in DTB magazine, published bi-monthly and mailed with NASA Tech Briefs. Here are some of the technologies featured in the April issue:

Application of CFD to a Slender-Bodied, Finned Projectile
In an application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), flow fields about a slender-bodied finned projectile and the resulting aerodynamic forces and moments on the projectile were computed. The computations are exemplary of those needed for predicting aerodynamic performances in order to optimize designs of advanced projectiles, missiles, and rockets. (Page 14)

Continuous-Wave Atom Laser
This apparatus is intended to serve as a prototype of sources of coherent matter waves for future atom-interferometric field and motion sensors. The major part of the apparatus is a magnetic guide comprising two hollow, water-cooled 3.175-mm-diameter wires in a vacuum chamber. It is planned to incorporate a potential well into the guide near the output end for the purpose of forming a continuous-wave Bose-Einstein condensate in the well. (Page 26)

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