Nasa Tech Briefs

Two thermal insulation systems developed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) may have applications for future exploration programs and the commercial world. Layered composite insulation (LCI), and the foam-aerogel composite material known as AeroFoam, are patented technologies. Recently, exclusive research licenses for these technologies were granted to Flexure LLC, which sees numerous applications and industry cross - overs, particularly in transportation and construction.

AeroFoam insulation, developed at Kennedy Space Center. (NASA/James Fesmire)
Both technologies could be tailored for a wide range of different applications, including cryogenic piping and tanks, building construction, superconducting power cables, hydrogen cars, and space exploration habitats. The licensee may investigate a combination of the AeroFoam and the LCI in a soft vacuum for aerospace and military commercial applications, and in the food storage and transportation industries.

There is still a significant amount of research required to commercialize these technologies. The first commercial use is scheduled for this year, as several corporations have shown significant interest.

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