Industries across Europe are threatened as European Union emission rules for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are tightened. Now an aircleaning invention from the University of Copenhagen has proven its ability to remove these compounds. Atmospheric chemist Matthew Johnson invented and patented the air-cleaning method that is based on the natural ability of the Earth’s atmosphere to clean itself. In a process triggered by sunlight, polluting gasses rising into the sky start forming particles when they come across naturally occurring compounds such as ozone. The newly formed particles are washed out of the atmosphere by rain. Once the rain hits the ground, the atmosphere is clean again.

altThe process is known as an atmospheric photochemical accelerator. It is housed in five aluminum boxes on the roof of a building. The new process removes pollution rather than diluting it. It requires no filters, so maintenance is inexpensive, and it consumes very little energy, so its climate impact is negligible.

Visit http://news.ku.dk/all_news/2012/2012.12/aircleaner to learn more.

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