Tech Needs of the Week

A company is seeking a powder slurry coating technology, where substrates are coated with powder slurry in an organic binder and then heat treated to diffuse the coating onto the substrates. Any proposed powder slurry coating technology should involve a powder composition based on Co-based or Ni-based alloys. It should be a water-based, environmentally friendly binder suitable for use on Fe-based alloy substrates. The technology should result in dense, crack-free, and metallurgically bonded coatings.
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A company is looking for reflective polymer or plastic substrate sheets. The solution should measure no more than 24 x 30 cm, and have a planarity of less than 0.7 mm. There should be no pitts or hills on the product's surface and the color should be homogenous with more than 70% reflection. X-ray transmission should be over 60%. The solution should have no change in shape upon storage, and an operating temperature range of -25 degrees to 55 degrees C.
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The Technology Needs of the Week are anonymous requests for technology, distributed through the yet2.com marketplace, that you and your organization may be able to fulfill. Responding to a Tech Need is the first step to gaining an introduction with a prospective "buyer" for your technology solution.