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Focus on Test & Measurement

Each month, NTB highlights tech briefs related to a particular area of technology in a special section called Technology Focus. Here are some of the technologies featured in the June issue focus on Test & Measurement.

Multi-Antenna Radar System for Doppler Rain Measurements
A team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab is using multiple-antenna radar systems aboard moving high-altitude platforms for measuring rainfall. The platform would be a spacecraft or aircraft. The principle of the system is a variation of along-track interferometric synthetic-aperture radar systems used to measure ocean waves and currents. The system includes two antennas that perform cross-track scans at different positions. (Page 22)

Simple, Compact, Safe Impact Tester
Ames Research Center has developed an apparatus that tests the effects, on moderate-sized objects, of cushioned decelerations. The compact apparatus is safe to operate since the design inherently prevents the object under test or any debris from accidentally striking persons or equipment. The apparatus is simple to build and can be used for general impact testing. (Page 24)

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