Raptor Photonics (Co Antrim, Northern Ireland) has launched a new range of CCD cameras for fluorescence applications. Based on the new breed of Sony sensors, developed using Sony ExView HAD II sensor technology, (ICX674, ICX694, ICX814) these cameras offer a choice of resolutions (2.8MP, 6MP and 9MP) and are available in both mono and RGB. With pixel size of 4.54μm, these sensors provide ultra-sharp images. The cameras come in a range of formats, each offering different features for their intended users.

The Kingfisher V is a vacuum deep cooled (Δ -111°C) CCD, offering ultra-low read-out noise of <3e-s and almost negligent dark current (1 electron per every 16 minutes). The Kingfisher Standard is a stabilized cooled CCD offering excellent readout noise of <7e-s and low dark current in a rugged and compact design. The Kingfisher OEM is a board level camera available uncooled or with custom cooling options.

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