PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. (Auburn, MA) offers the F206.S six-axis Hexapod alignment system that provides 6D motion with 33-nanometer resolution and alignment software for optics and photonics components. The system includes a parallel kinematics controller/driver featuring vectorized motion and arbitrary pivot point capability. Due to reduced moving mass (only one common platform for all 6 actuators), the system can respond and settle quickly.

altThe system is designed for high-accuracy positioning and alignment tasks where independent motion in six degrees of freedom is required. The design is based on the virtual-pivot-point capability built into the controller. The system comes with control and alignment software, LabVIEW™ drivers, DLLs, and programming examples. When equipped with an optional high-speed photometer card, the system aligns arrays, waveguides, and collimators.

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