altBishop-Wisecarver Corp. (Pittsburg, CA) has introduced the HepcoMotion® PSD80 Profile screw-driven linear actuator with Herculane® wheel technology. Housed on an aluminum beam and fitted with a stainless steel sealing band, the actuator uses Herculane wheels mounted to an adjustable carriage. Single or multiple carriages on a unit are possible and can handle loads to 500N. A stainless steel lead screw provides actuation with pitch ranges of 4, 15, 25, and 70 mm. The lead screw is available in right- and left-handed threads. The actuator is supplied as a closed or open format, depending on the application being subject to ingress of dirt. Where two units are used in parallel, a slave axis without the driving screw can be specified for both closed and open units. It also is available in a corrosion-resistant version, as well as a double-acting version for applications requiring symmetrical movement from opposing carriages.

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