In an effort to accelerate technology transfer from NASA into the hands of American businesses, industry, and the public, the agency’s new Technology Trans fer Portal is open for business. The portal provides an Internet-based, onestop front door to the agency’s unique intellectual property assets available for technology transfer.

altNASA’s Technology Transfer Program allows research and development to transfer back into the U.S. economy via licenses, patents, and intellectual property agreements that often result in new innovations, products, and businesses. The use of NASA technology by American businesses spurs job growth and helps maintain U.S. economic competitiveness while improving our everyday lives.

“One of NASA’s highest-priority goals is to streamline its technology transfer procedures, support additional government-industry collaboration, and encourage the commercialization of novel technologies flowing from our federal laboratories,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.

The site features a searchable, categorized database of NASA’s patents, a module for reaching out to a NASA technology transfer specialist, and articles about past successful commercialization of NASA technology. Historical and real-time data for NASA’s technology transfer program also are available.

“A priority of NASA is to get federally funded new technologies into the commercial marketplace,” said NASA Chief Technologist Mason Peck. “We’re hopeful that entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, and anyone looking for innovative solutions to technology problems will explore NASA’s Technology Transfer Portal to find opportunities to transfer NASA technologies into innovative solutions for the nation.”

To access NASA’s Technology Transfer Portal, visit http://technology.nasa.gov.

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