At PlanetPTC Live, the annual worldwide gathering of PTC (www.ptc.com) customers held in Orlando last month, the focus was on inspiration. Industry thought-leaders presented their stories of how inspiration can impact the world around us.

Pat Simpkins of Kennedy Space Center. (PTC)
One of those speakers was Patrick Simpkins, Director of Engineering at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He challenged attendees to take notice of their everyday surroundings as an opportunity to identify new sources of innovation and imagination. He shared anecdotes from his years in the space program to illustrate how NASA creates an environment that supports and encourages innovation.

He noted that while the shuttle program has ended, “NASA is not closed,” and there are new and exciting projects that will capture the public’s imagination.

Mike Leydet, Director of Research at College Park Industries (www.collegepark.com) spoke about “Technology for the Human Race.” He provided an overview of prosthetic design, and told stories of several people living with the absence of limbs and how the technology of new prosthetics has helped shaped their lives as they regain mobility.

Mike Leydet of College Park Industries. (PTC)
College Park is a Michigan-based designer and manufacturer of anatomically functional prosthetic foot and ankle systems that won the Electronics Category in the 2011 “Create the Future” Design Contest for the iPecs® load cell/transducer for measuring human gait parameters on users of lower limb prosthetics.

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