The 12th annual NASA Tech Briefs Readers’ Choice Product of the Year Awards were presented April 23rd at a special reception and dinner in New York City. See the June issue for photos and highlights of the awards presentation. Here are the top three winners, chosen by you, the readers of NTB:


Charlestown, RI

ImageThe DA-130 ruggedized notebook computer includes the SideHAND® battery power system, allowing it to run indefinitely without any external power source. Batteries are hot-swappable, and can be exchanged even when the system is running off battery power. It features a full-length, full-size PCI slot, an Intel Pentium® CORE DUO® processor that can be configured with 1 GB or more of RAM, a fast hard drive subsystem, and integrated RAID controller. For Free Info Click Here

Z Corporation

Burlington, MA

ImageThe ZScanner™ 700 handheld, self-positioning 3D scanner can digitize 3D surfaces in real time. The scanner is part-referenced, orienting itself to the target object, rather than to an external device. This eliminates the need for fixed-position tripods, mechanical arms, or other positioning devices that must be within the line of sight of the target surface. The user can move the target object during scanning, and the system displays a real-time, on-screen image of the surface being scanned. For Free Info Click Here

Adobe Systems

San Jose, CA

ImageAdobe® Acrobat® 3D enables engineers to publish and share 3D design information from major CAD applications with virtually any computer user, allowing collaboration within design and manufacturing teams. Users can convert 3D designs from CAD formats into cross-platform, secure Adobe PDF files. When enabled by Acrobat 3D, suppliers, partners, clients, and other team members can use the free Adobe Reader® 7.0 software to review and add comments directly onto interactive 3D objects embedded within PDF files. For Free Info Click Here

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