Businesses and individuals interested in using NASA research to develop new technologies and products now have access to an online tool to make the process of licensing easier. The QuickLaunch tool provides access to a select portfolio of NASA technologies for licensing and commercial development.

The tool features pre-approved terms and conditions including fixed, up-front, and royalty pricing; a streamlined process for electronic agreements; and significantly reduced response and approval times. It provides access to existing, patented NASA technologies. QuickLaunch users can search by NASA center or by technology category, ask questions of NASA licensing managers, and file a licensing application online.

“The QuickLaunch Licensing tool will enhance our efforts to transfer more NASA technologies to American industry and U.S. consumers in a timely manner,” said Dan Lockney, NASA’s technology transfer program executive. “NASA develops hundreds of technologies each year in support of its aeronautics and space exploration missions. This new tool ensures that the American taxpayer will receive a second benefit from its investment in NASA through the creation of new products, new markets, and new jobs.”

More than 30 technologies currently are available for license using the QuickLaunch Web site; the number will increase during the year. Technologies range from a plant chlorophyll content meter that detects plant stress by determining the chlorophyll content of plants, to a propulsion-controlled aircraft computer that provides a low-cost method of implementing this aircraft technology for a wide range of aircraft.

Visit NASA’s QuickLaunch Licensing Web site at https://quicklaunch.ndc.nasa.gov.

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