Paul Schwendinger, Program Manager at Honeywell (Golden Valley, MN), recently won the Stratasys 2013 3D Printer Sweep stakes. Paul won a Mojo 3D Print Pack and a $4,000 cash prize. He first used the machine and its software to create the Stratasys demo parts: a gear and 6-inch “Mojo Men” for his three sons to paint.

For his next project, Paul will use the printer pack to create Lego-like surface-bonding blocks and molds for his benchtop injection machine. The building blocks can then be used to build a model of an actual home; specifically, the squared parts of a foundation.

“I’ll make a ‘positive’ [part] using this machine, and get it nice and clean and smooth,” said this year's winner. “From that epoxy mold, I’ll be able to plastic-mold my own parts. Then I can make as many as I want using a benchtop molder.”

Learn more about the Mojo 3D printer at www.stratasys.com.

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