The 14th annual NASA Tech Briefs Readers’ Choice Products of the Year have been selected. Thanks to all of you who submitted your votes. Your winners are:


Lévis, Québec, Canada

VIUscan™, the latest addition to the Handyscan 3D line of handheld scanners, is a selfpositioning portable 3D color scanner that creates an exact representation of an object, and generates files that can be exported to most CAD platforms. The scanner features simultaneous texture and geo - metry acquisition, real-time rendering, true color acquisition via a built-in lighting system, adjustable uniform texture resolution, and automatic texture mapping. It requires no external reference system and no external tracking or positioning devices.

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Mercury Computer Systems

Chelmsford, MA

The PowerBlock™ 50 ultra-compact rugged embedded computer for small platforms in the 6- to 10-pound range is optimized for real-time image, sensor, and signal processing. The system’s modular architecture allows for flexible configurations of multiple processors, delivering over 100 GFLOPS of processing power. The system is available as a complete software development platform, including the PowerBlock 50 system, Linux BSP development environment, and a desktop heat rejection unit (HRU).

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The MathWorks

Natick, MA

Simscape™ software for modeling and simulating multidomain physical systems employs a physical network approach to model building, allowing engineers to describe the physical structure of a system, rather than the underlying mathematics. From the model, the software automatically constructs equations that characterize the behavior of the system, and integrates them with the rest of the model.

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