ImageWindchill® Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software
Needham, MA

NASA is using Windchill PLM software in the design and development of the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), America’s first new human spacecraft in 30 years. Windchill serves as the backbone of the Integrated Collaborative Environment (ICE), a major tool for NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate (ESMD). CEV program engineers will use ICE as an extranet to manage data and facilitate collaboration. Windchill was selected for capabilities such as program management and execution, secure data management, real-time decision-making, and efficient change management throughout the program’s lifecycle.

As the central source of information for CEV systems, ICE provides a consistent view of data, thereby unifying all of the teams of NASA personnel and suppliers. It facilitates concurrent product development across the program and in geographically dispersed sites, while providing configuration and change management functions with automated workflows. Integral visualization capabilities of Windchill allow wide audiences to leverage CAD models and drawings via lightweight viewables, enabling a more efficient product design cycle, higher-quality products, and lower costs.

ICE provides a secure data repository with access control for data protection in conjunction with a collaborative environment, enabling real-time decision-making relative to program and project deliverables. The ESMD programs and projects will use ICE to facilitate effective feedback, efficient change management, and rapid change propagation. ICE will also support uses such as support for management reviews, support for minor and major design reviews, linking users of the tools, support to team meetings, and issue recording.

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