Advances in Polymer Film Materials for Extreme Applications


For more than 45 years, Kapton® polyimide film, only from DuPont, has served as a technically robust and unique solution for extreme application demands in industries such as aerospace, energy, automotive, and electronics. The key to its unlimited potential and ongoing success has been its versatility and robust thermal performance in applications involving extreme temperatures ranging from -269°C to +400°C.

In this Webinar, we'll discuss some of the traditional Kapton® capabilities you may be familiar with as well as new, innovative capabilities you can learn more about:

  • Optical properties: matte vs. gloss, pigmented, colors, high transparency
  • Films for thermal transfer/heating
  • Ultrathin films

Meredith Dunbar, Ph.D.
Global Research Manager, Films
DuPont Electronics and Communications

For a general Kapton® capabilities overview, learn more here.

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