Best Practices for Engineering Calculations- Calculate, Document, and Share


Calculations are at the heart of engineering and vital to the success of projects, product design, and ultimately the success of a company. It is essential to capture calculations in a way that is easy to reuse and share with others. This allows you to spend more time finding solutions and less time documenting them.

In this Webinar you will learn best practices like requirements verification and validation, standardization of engineering calculations, and more. Roger Yeh, Senior Application Engineer at PTC, will demonstrate these best practices through specific examples showcasing Mathcad Prime 2.0's capabilities like Creo integration, multi-threaded computations, and documentation.

Join us for this FREE Webinar - Learn best practices for complex engineering calculations demonstrated in PTC's Mathcad Prime 2.0 environment.

Roger Yeh
Senior Application Engineer

Ned Daniels
Business Development Manager
Mathcad Education

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