Advances in Conformal Coatings Enhance the Reliability of Innovative Technologies


Conformal coatings are used in the electronics, automotive, military, aerospace, and medical device industries for a variety of surface modification functions, including:

  • Isolate/protect devices from the environments encountered
  • Provide thermal and electrical insulation - selectively or overall
  • Enhance lubricity… or conversely, reduce tackiness
  • Stabilize/consolidate surfaces by micro-particle immobilization
  • Reduce/eliminate surface micro-porosity to control the entrapment of contaminants
  • Stabilize very delicate micro structures
  • Function as an interface that is biocompatible

As devices and components become progressively smaller and increasingly complex, they present unique challenges for many conformal coatings. Poly(para-xylylene), known as Parylene, is an ultra-thin, inert, transparent coating that meets these challenges. Parylene provides highly useful dielectric and barrier properties per unit thickness, as well as extreme chemical inertness and freedom from pinholes. The coating is eminently biocompatible. Parylene protects components and devices such as circuit card assemblies, MEMS, sensors, LEDs, cores, lab-on-a-chip devices, pacemakers, stents and cochlear implants, to name but a few.

Parylene deposition occurs in an evacuated, room temperature chamber through a process known as vapor deposition polymerization (VDP). Sometimes also identified as CVD, this process involves the spontaneous polymerization of a conformal coating onto all exposed substrate surfaces, edges, and into crevices at a predictable rate, with thickness controllable from 500 angstroms to 75 microns.

This Webinar will focus on the Parylene’s unique properties, how the coating is applied, examples of applications that benefit from Parylene’s properties, and advances that have been made in adhesion technologies. As new materials and applications arise, Parylene coatings continue to enhance the reliability of innovative technologies.

Alan Hardy
Electronics Market Manager
Specialty Coating Systems, Inc.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Vice President of Technology
Specialty Coating Systems

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