Modeling Airborne Noise using ANSYS CFD


The problem of airborne noise generation, propagation and mitigation is of importance in many engineering applications across different industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, power, HVAC.

This webinar focuses on presenting simulation approaches to aeroacoustic problems in ANSYS CFD. They include a direct Computational Aeroacoustics (CAA) methodology, far-field noise propagation using the Ffowcs Williams and Hawkings acoustics analogy, and broadband noise models. Special attention is paid to obtaining an accurate transient solution of an unsteady turbulent flow which is essential to high-fidelity acoustic predictions. Recommendations on appropriate solver settings, discretization schemes, initial and boundary conditions, and post-processing of acoustic data is provided. A number of validation studies on the application of ANSYS CFD will be presented to illustrate the versatility of ANSYS CFD in efficiency and accurate modeling of various aeroacoustics problems. These validations include, among others, airframe noise, jet noise, propeller noise, fan noise, and internal HVAC noise. Predicted near- and far-field frequencies and sound pressure levels, and other relevant data are compared with experimental values, and favorable comparisons are found in all the cases.


Konstantine A. Kourbatski, Ph.D.
Lead Technical Services Engineer

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