Aviation Thermal Management - Survivability of Mission Critical Electronic Components for Commercial and Military Aircraft


One of the challenges for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft Systems is the cooling of flight-critical avionics that must be maintained below a specific temperature for mission success. Extreme operational and survival temperature requirements, thermal cycling, the drive towards reduced avionics system volume, accelerations due to take-off and in-flight maneuvers, and the lack of effective heat sinks further exacerbate the problem. Examples of products that are directly applicable to these manned and unmanned systems include heat pipes and heat pipe related assemblies. These products can typically address the thermal problems in aircraft in one or more of the following manners:

  • Heat pipes that provide low thermal resistance paths between critical electronic components and heat sinks.
  • HiK or high conductivity plates with embedded heat pipes that provide highly effective heat spreading or transport at low mass and cost.

This presentation will provide design engineers for aviation applications with a good understanding of the benefits and potential issues associated with operation and implementation of heat pipes, HiK plates, vapor chambers, phase change materials, and related technologies in aviation systems. Attendees will gather insight as to when and how these thermal technologies can solve their thermal problems.

John Hartenstine
Manager, Aerospace Products
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Bill Anderson
Chief Engineer
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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