Is Early Performance Testing Really Valuable AND Viable?


Many organizations are neglecting to include a comprehensive performance testing process in their quality arsenal as it is too expensive or time consuming to measure the stability and scalability of business critical functionality prior to releasing to production. However, quality issues are continuously accumulating with costs totaling $500 billion per year worldwide.

What if there was a way to test the performance of your applications before deploying to production at a lower cost?

This is actually possible by deploying right-sized performance test environments where service dependencies are accounted for, but need not be directly linked or operational enabling many aspects of performance testing to be conducted both more cheaply and earlier in the development process. Join Scott Barber, Thought Leader, as he shares his thoughts on how organizations can improve their performance abilities during this IBM sponsored Webinar. Learn how to maximize your performance testing dollars and measure the capacity and stability of your applications pre-deployment and before your customers switch to your competitors.

Scott Barber
Chief Technologist

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