Scale-Resolving Turbulence Approaches to Industrial CFD


While today's CFD simulations are mainly based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) turbulence models, it is becoming increasingly clear that certain classes of flows are better covered by models in which all or a part of the turbulence spectrum is resolved in at least a portion of the numerical domain. Such methods are termed Scale-Resolving Simulation (SRS) models.

In this Webinar, the state of Scale-Resolving Simulation (SRS) techniques for turbulent flow predictions in ANSYS CFD will be reviewed. The emphasis will be on turbulence models which are already in use in industrial simulations, including traditional Large Eddy Simulation models, hybrid LES-RANS methods and innovating scale-adaptive approaches. Appropriate application areas for each model group will be discussed.


Konstantine A. Kourbatski, Ph.D.
Lead Technical Services Engineer

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