Tracking Changes: Technologies Revolutionizing Large-Volume Measurement


Join FARO Applications Engineer, Todd Wilson, as he discusses the latest in laser tracker technology. For years, aerospace engineers and designers have trusted laser trackers for tooling, alignment, and many other applications. Today, smaller, faster, and more accurate devices are helping these same operators to become more efficient than ever.

This Webinar will explore the changing face of laser tracker technology, and the new developments that are making these devices an even more vital part of aerospace assembly and design. Additionally, this Webinar will:

  • Communicate the basics of laser tracker technology
  • Discuss how laser trackers can provide very accurate measurements even in harsh environments
  • Explain how laser trackers fit with the lean workflow
  • Detail exciting changes to laser trackers since their inception; including the integration of cameras to locate remote targets and long-distance measurement


Todd Wilson
Applications Engineer
FARO Technologies

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