A Medical Product Design Engineer's Guide to Hydrophilic Coatings


Medical devices are being required to reach even more remote areas of the body. Hydrophilic coatings are a key component in helping gain this access and have quickly become an essential tool in the design engineer’s toolbox. This presentation will give you an understanding of these coatings so that you can obtain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

This webinar will focus on typical properties of hydrophilic coatings, how to measure and maximize adhesion, typical processing parameters and application equipment, expected FDA requirements and coating limitations.

In a short time you’ll learn about:

  • Coating chemistries – solvent vs. water based
  • Challenges in coatings
  • Application “watch outs”
  • What to ask your coating supplier
  • Coating thickness options
  • Internal vs. external coatings
  • Masking for coating selected areas of the product

Art Madenjian
Vice President of Technical Sales
Medi-Solve Coatings, LLC

Dr. Ron Sahatjian
Chief Technology Officer
Medi-Solve Coatings, LLC

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