Advanced Thermal Management Solutions for Automobiles: Design Consideration & Product Applications


With the drive towards more powerful and lower weight features in automobiles, new passive and pumped two-phase thermal management technologies are finding an increased level of importance. Due to their broad temperature spectrum, high reliability and relative light weight, heat pipes are becoming a preferred passive thermal management solution for applications beyond traditional electronics cooling. Further, as heat density levels increase, pumped two-phase cooling can offer weight and other advantages over traditional pumped liquid systems. These new technologies can provide excellent thermal management solutions for applications such as hybrid battery thermal management, waste heat recovery, powertrain cooling and IGBT cooling.

This presentation will provide design engineers, whether in the automotive or other industries, with a better understanding of the operation and implementation of both heat pipes and pumped two-phase cooling technologies. Furthermore, participants will gain insight as to when and how these advanced thermal technologies can help resolve their thermal problems.

Pete Ritt
Vice President of Technical Services
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Rich Bonner
Manager of Custom Products
Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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