Introducing the TE Connectivity NECTOR S Power System – Innovation in Design



The lighting industry experts that are closely monitoring the technology shift from traditional lighting to solid state lighting are predicting a 50% conversion rate by the end of 2015. Therefore, lighting designers and engineers are focusing all of their efforts to develop SSL luminaires to support this rapid transition.

This accelerated conversion rate has also created an immediate need for intelligent connector and cabling solutions that can be adaptable in providing power to a variety of residential, retail, office and commercial refrigeration lighting applications. These platform solutions must have the flexibility to be seamlessly integrated into traditional lighting system of today, but more importantly, the SSL luminaires and controls of tomorrow.

The NECTOR S power to luminaire addresses these requirements in a small, compact, circuit form factor, “plug and play” error proof, modular wiring system that offers complete versatility and ultimate flexibility in lighting design. This Webinar will introduce you to the innovation behind the NECTOR S Power System

Alexander Hunt III
TE Connectivity
Global Product Manager
Intelligent Buildings - Industrial Global Industry Business Unit

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