Promote Interfacial Adhesion and Solve Delamination - An Engineer's Guide


Bonding high performance materials presents engineers with unique challenges to ensure immediate and long term interfacial adhesion success. Economic, environmental and productivity goals raise the stakes on the importance of finding the best solution when working with metals, polymers, adhesives, paints, coatings and other materials. In addition, more manufacturing materials are coming from the polymer composite world, which then must be adhered to metals and other substrates.

In-line plasma surface modification offers a solution that meets all of these requirements head-on. Mastering the adaptation of in-line surface modification technology begins with understanding how it is currently being employed to solve issues such as cohesive failures in laminated panels, failures of composite bonds and bond repairs; and epoxy, urethane and silicone adhesive and sealant failures.

This Webinar will provide engineers with insight on the latest surface modification technology applications and inspire them to adapt these new technologies to solve their own interfacial adhesion and delamination challenges.

Additionally all registrants will be entered to win an autographed copy of Rory Wolf's new book Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Surface Modification ($175.00 value)

Rory Wolf
VP and Technology Director
Enercon Industries Corporation

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