Eliminating Errors and Improving Accuracy in Motion Control and Machine Systems


Presenters will cover how to identify and eliminate contributors to and causes of positioning errors in motion control and machine systems. Mechanical, electronic, position feedback, and thermal issues will be addressed. The Webinar will also present strategies for elevating accuracy, including encoder influences on the motion control loop to get precise position and part accuracy, and how to design absolute position feedback systems using encoders and optimizing data interfaces.

The prime audience is anyone responsible for designing, upgrading and/or improving accuracy in x/y and x/y/z rotary tables in machines and automation systems. These include engineers, machine designers, sales engineers, product and marketing managers for machine builders, specifying influencers for components used on machines and in automation control systems, management, purchasing, supply chain engineers, and machine shop owners.

Key Benefit Delivered by Webinar:

How to improve accuracy throughout motion control and machine systems via the proper selection and use of encoders to achieve precise position feedback and consistent finished part accuracy.

  • Identifying potential improvements to your machine design
  • Potential things to look for when specifying machines
  • Ways to design a more accurate system

John Thormodsgard
National Sales Manager

Kevin Kaufenberg
Product Manager
Semiconductor & Electronics

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