Conducting CFD During Product Development in a Tough Economy


Computational Fluid Dynamics is at a crossroads where it is more readily adopted yet is not a disruptive risk due to its great strides in speed, accuracy, and usability.

Coming out of the recession, the world of engineering has changed. Today, engineers must find new ways to make products as profitable as possible. That translates into innovation to boost top line and low costs to drop the bottom line; all while operating with the fewest resources in decades. As a result, engineering can't afford to approach form, fit, and function as they have in the past, and that can't be done by simply using the same tools every other engineering organization is using.

Join Mentor Graphics for this Webinar as Chad Jackson talks about this new opportunity to change the equation for engineering.

What You Will Learn

  • The Top 5 Challenges Shaping Modern Engineering
  • The Top Initiatives and Strategies for Engineering Managers
  • How Simulation Driven Design Fits in the Context of CFD
  • The Advantages and Benefits of CFD Driven Design

Chad Jackson
Principle Analyst
Lifecycle Insights

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