Advanced Thermal Management Solutions: Pumped Two Phase Cooling


To efficiently cool high-power electronics, lasers and other devices, advanced thermal management solutions are being developed including the use of pumped two-phase cooling. Traditional air and pumped single-phase cooling systems are large and heavy and in many cases, they cannot dissipate the necessary heat loads while maintaining the device below its maximum operating temperature. While Pumped Two Phase Cooling solutions offer a potentially lighter and more compact solution, they have not been broadly adopted by industry due to their increased complexity.

Recent technical advancements have addressed many of these issues and the technology is poised for broader adoptions across many industries. Pumped two-phase cooling systems can now be tailored to meet increasing cooling requirements for a broad range of applications including high power electronics, laser diodes, and IGBTs. This presentation will provide design engineers with a better understanding of the fundamentals of pumped two-phase cooling technologies, including challenges, new solutions and opportunities for implementation.

Speakers: Pete Ritt, Vice President of Technical Services, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Xudong Tang, R&D Engineer, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

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