Lean Manufacturing for the Automotive Industry and Beyond Using Optical Metrology


Optical Metrology applications provide for advanced industrial measurements and real-time test monitoring. ARAMIS, DIC (Digital Image Correlation), and PONTOS (photogrammetry) are critical tools for non-contact, full-field measurement of 3D deformation and the true strain tensors. This technology is highly effective for model validation, allowing load frame data to be directly used by CAE engineers for advanced material properties and full-field structural response.

ARAMIS & PONTOS also provide real-time outputs, in analog or digitally, for optical gauges anywhere being measured. A typical ARAMIS measurement provides 50,000 gauges of any type on the surface of the material or structure being tested, even full-field tire measurements at speed or vehicle structural response on a four-poster, so your customers can fully understand the response of their materials and structures.

Speakers: John Tyson II, Founder and President, Trilion Quality Systems
Tim Schmidt, Vice President, Trilion Quality Systems
Eric Schwartz, Senior Applications Engineer, Trilion Quality Systems

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