Reducing Engineering Error and Design Disruptions: Exploring Calculation Software Tools


Performing and understanding calculations is a core responsibility of engineers across every discipline. These detailed calculations impact the beginning stages of design to determine if new concepts are feasible, at the middle stage of design to smooth out the finer details of products and to help with part assembly, and when designs are mature for verification and validation purposes.

In this webinar you will hear a high level overview from industry analyst Chad Jackson on the choices in calculation tools engineers face and the improvements that have been made more recently to make calculations easier to conduct, document, and share. Examples of some of these industry improvements will be demonstrated by Senior Applications Engineer for PTC Mathcad, Anji Seberino. Following these presentations on best practices you will have access to the experts during a live Q&A session. Join us for this FREE Webinar - Learn best practices for complex engineering calculations from an industry analyst and learn how the right tools can save you time and reduce errors when performing calculations throughout the design process.

Chad Jackson, President and Founder, Lifecycle Insights
Anji Seberino, Senior Mathcad Applications Engineer, PTC

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