High-Performance, Thermally Insensitive Optics


Silicon Carbide has a unique set of thermal and mechanical properties that make it an ideal material for some reflective optics systems. The difficulty of manufacturing lightweight structures with SiC, however, has limited its use to substrates attached to benches made of more forgiving materials.

Entegris has developed its SUPERSiC® material to provide all of the benefits of silicon carbide for both substrates and structures, at a cost that’s competitive with that of lower-performance materials. The ability to create a complete system from a single material yields excellent thermal stability, while high stiffness provides a system with resonant frequencies above the range of most onboard stimuli.

During this Webinar, technical challenges and proposed solutions to designing and manufacturing systems in SUPERSiC® material, including polishing, attachment, bonding, dampening, and design criteria are reviewed.

Speaker: Wayne Hambek Director, Industrial Products Poco Graphite
Mr. Hambek leads the Industrial Products group in Entegris’ Specialty Materials Division. He joined Poco Graphite in 2003 and developed the company’s Aerospace business in both Applications Engineering and Business Development roles. He helped to shepherd the company’s Optics program through technology development and into product fulfillment, providing market requirements analysis and product support. Prior to joining POCO, Mr. Hambek held positions in Reliability Engineering, Product Engineering, and Product Management at Texas Instruments for over ten years. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from The University of Arizona and an MBA from The University of Texas.

Speaker: Hugo Vargas Manager, Optics Products Poco Graphite
Mr. Vargas joined Poco Graphite in 2005 serving as Mechanical Design & Engineering Lead for the Optics program. He was responsible for creating many of the internal and external processes now used to manufacture complex optics products, and served as Principal Investigator for several of the government contracts under which the technologies were developed. For the past two years, Mr. Vargas has taken the role of Optics Product Manager, responsible for market and business development. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from The University of North Texas.

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