Why Does Your Product Break?


Fatigue is often cited as one of the most common forms of operational failure in structures. Its nature is an often apparently premature failure at relatively low, but cycling, stress levels.

This presentation, from the sponsors of the “Good Data Gone Bad” May Webinar, will describe the background to both fatigue and fracture mechanics and shows where each discipline comes into play in the search for safe structures. The distinction between high cycle and low cycle fatigue is shown and other important features found in this form of analysis.

Speaker: Kurt Munson, Engineering Manager, HBM-nCode
Kurt Munson is the engineering manager for HBM-nCode where he oversees software technical support, training, and engineering services activities. Prior to joining in 1999, Kurt worked for EG&G Structural Kinematics as a structural test engineer. Activities there included data collection and analysis, and durability test rig design and implementation.

Kurt holds a mechanical engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and a MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington.

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